About Us

We are Charlotte and David, and we love to travel. No Fixed Home is the story of our adventures so far as we explore the world. You can read our blog to follow our latest travels, or you can have a look at our travel tips section for useful info and advice. We love hearing from you, so feel free to contact us through the website, or connect with us on our Facebook & Instagram pages.


Charlotte (the one behind the keyboard) I’m a writer, librarian and bookworm, but please don’t think that makes me shy and retiring! I love having adventures, seeing new places and meeting new people around the world. I travelled a lot in my student days but got distracted by boring everyday life along the way and one day realised I was almost 30 and had never been outside of Europe. One panic-bought trip to India later and my wanderlust has been well and truly re-ignited! Now I enjoy writing and travelling (and soaking up vitamin D!)

DSC00155David (the one behind the camera) I’m a chef, travel junkie and food fanatic (so get ready for lots of lovely jubbly food photos!) I started to travel from the age of 23 and never looked back, from eating Momos in Kathmandu, to taking a 47 hour train ride in India. I’m also a veteran vegetarian, keen to explore new foods. No dish too hot or too big, I’ll give it a try! Just remember what a wise person once told me – eat where the locals go.